Battle Utility Kilt


Battle Utility Kilt

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Battle Utility Kilt

It is another kilt designed for unpleasant and troublemakers. It has got enough stockpiling and utility space. It is an ideal utility kilt for men which can be worn on everyday schedule. There are two freight pockets on one or the other side and one removable pocket on the front cover adding to its utility. It likewise includes customizable mallet circles let you keep your instruments close-by. The flexible circles on this kilt gives it a battle look which is the reason we have named it a battle utility kilt.


  • 2 Cargo pockets on one or the other side
  • One removable pocket at the front
  • Flexible mallet circles
  • Tough sewing and equipment utilized.
  • Comprised of hard core cotton drill


The front side of the kilt is plain with enhancing catches which fits totally on your body. It balances totally straight on your body and doesn’t get disintegrate while you wear it. There are likewise two adorned catches utilized on the belt region on the edges of the two sides.


Presently lets talk about Sides, there are two fold pockets on each side of this kilt. Two brightening catches are utilized on each fold of the pocket. There are additionally a little pocket utilized on the upper side of the kilt.

In addition, there are likewise two cotton ties utilized on the two sides of the kilt. The lash has one little clasp and clasp holder snares on each tie making it look truly stunning. There are additionally creases sewn profundity inside creation it look truly stunning.


On the back side of this Kilt, there are two pockets; one with fold and one without Flap. On the fold, there are two beautiful catches. Also, there are creases which are sewn somewhere inside to make it look cool and astounding.


Presently lets talk about the creases on this kilt. The creases are profound sewn down which is around 2.5 inches profundity; notwithstanding, the dept. of creases are completely adjustable according to the decision of our client.


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