Black Utility Kilt


Black Utility Kilt

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Black Utility Kilt

This Utility kilt has been designed for the dynamic men as it has been designed for predicament. There are two fold pockets on one or the other side of this kilt. There are likewise improving catches utilized on the kilt for beautification of this kilt.


  • The pleats are sewn somewhere inside so that going all out can be guaranteed.
  • 100% Genuine Wool.
  • Custom handmade utility kilt.
  • There is likewise one little pocket on the rear of this kilt.
  • There is a little pocket on the potential gain of this kilt.


Presently lets talk about the design of this Deluxe Utility kilt for you. I have clarified every part of this kilt in incredible detail so you can construct an image of this kilt in your brain.


The front side of the kilt is plain with enriching catches which fits totally on your body. The front covers falls completely straight and doesn’t disintegrate while wearing it.


There are two fold pockets on one or the other side of this Kilts which can be utilized to store any sort of stuffs you need. There is additionally one little pocket on the large fold pocket for putting away little stuffs.


Presently lets talk about the pleats on this kilt. The pleats are profound sewn down which is roughly 2.5 inches profundity; notwithstanding, the dept. of pleats are completely adaptable according to the decision of our client.


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