Cameron Ancient Tartan Kilt


Cameron Ancient Tartan Kilt

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Cameron Ancient Tartan Kilt is on one side of the kilt with two buckles. For easy adjustment, there is one kilt buckle and a leather strap on each foot. It’s made of traditional Cameron Ancient Tartan , which gives it a truly stunning appearance. The fabric used to make this kilt is acrylic wool, making it affordable to a wide range of people. To make it swing quickly, the pleats are sewn deep inside.

Features of Cameron Ancient Tartan Kilt

  • Two pockets with Cameron ancient tartan face mask
  • 100% Pure Wool & Genuine Product
  • On either foot, one kilt buckles and a leather strap
  • It’s made of Acrylic Wool or 100 percent Wool, depending on the customer’s preference!
  • It works perfectly great for both informal and formal occasions.

Modern Cameron Ancient Tartan Fabric

If you are someone with a traditional and classy choice for a kilt, here is your Cameron Ancient Tartan Hybrid Utility Kilt, which sets you apart when you walk down the hall.

Some of the features you may want to know in detail:

Front of the Modern Cameron Ancient Tartan Kilt

The front of this kilt is very straightforward and fits in the traditional style. Since it’s a typical Scottish kilt there’s nothing on the front side design or style that makes it fantastic. On the front, there is a scheme apron that hangs perfectly straight when wearing this kilt.


The pleats are stitched 2.5 cm deep so that you get the full swing. The pleat can, however, be sewn according to customer requirements as they are highly-customizable.

Buckles and Leather Straps

We normally use a buckle and a leather strap for better adjustment on one side of the kilt. However, if you want some extra adjustment features, you can go for two buckles and leather straps on each side of the kilt, depending on your preference. So, if you want a tailor-made kilt for the next occasion, contact us today!

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CONDITION New with tags
COLOR Cameron Tartan
MATERIAL Cameron Clan Tartan Fabric
BRAND Handmade

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