Campbell Tartan Kilt


Campbell Tartan Kilt

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Campbell Tartan Kilt

Whenever u buy Campbell tartan kilt, first comes in your mind about quality, size availability, stitching way and reasonable price. We will provide you kilt of better quality in all available sizes in a reasonable price with the guarantee.Campbell word has derived from ‘’Camp Beul’’ meaning curved mouth. It is such a dainty and delicate tartan that you wear in every traditional event. You can wear it in daytime and nighttime due to its spacious and relaxing nature. It is admirable kilt because having eye catching colors. It has flawless and ideal pleating which allow to swing fully. Colour scheme of it allows to wear it with any top and shoes. Campbell tartan kilt is a beautiful blend of blue and green color.


  • Campbell tartan kilt
  • Rust free buckles and leather straps
  • Fabricated from acrylic wool
  • Attractive tartan

Campbell tartan kilt is fabricated from 100% acrylic wool. Its clan is so smooth and attractive.

Attractive tartan
Campbell tartan kilt is attractive towards viewers due to its elegant and stunning eye catching colors. It has thick black lines lying horizontally and vertically throughout the kilt. Two rows of forest green color and two of light blue color alternate with each other make kilt fascinating and appealing. Its one side pleating are gorgeous not only add comm odiousness but also dimension as well. Its beautiful colors and pleats gives you a stylish and traditional look. It is for both casual and formal occasions.

Rust free buckles and leather straps
Campbell tartan kilt has two rust free buckles and leather straps on each side. Two black straps on each side of kilt adjust your waist with the help of dazzling metallic buckles. Buckles of the kilt will never rust out.

Pleats play an important and vital role in any kilt. Pleats in the kilt adds extra room in the hip area to allow freedom of motion. Campbell tartan kilt sewing 2.5 inches deep to allow full swing.


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