Dress Gordon Short Tartan Kilt


Dress Gordon Short Tartan Kilt

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Dress Gordon Short Tartan kilt

When you go to buy a kilt, first you check quality of cloth, stitching way of cloth, size availability and price. We will give you best quality of kilt in all available size in a reasonable price with guarantee.Dress Gordon short tartan kilt is eye catching kilt having beautiful pattern of white and black colors. It is such a dainty and delicate tartan that you can wear in every traditional event. You can wear it both in daytime and nighttime due to its spacious and relaxing nature. It is alluring and adorable kilt that gives you stylish and handsome look. It is made up of heavy weight cotton. This kilt has designed for special events such as wedding ceremony, football, Christmas, highland games etc. The front of the kilt is simple because it is specially prepared for traditional events. Its side pleating are gorgeous, not only adds comm odiousness but also adds dimension as well. It is short tartan kilt as compared to other kilts.

Dress Gordon tartan kilt is fabricated from 12oz heavy weight cotton means 100% pure cotton.


  • Made of 12oz heavy weight cotton i.e. pure cotton
  • Rust free buckles and leather straps
  • Attractive and eye catching tartan
  • Light and comfortable tartan

Attractive tartan
It is attractive tartan due to beautiful display of black and white colors. Beautiful black lining on white and gray color boxes makes it elegant and charming. Yellow color lining enhance its charmness. You can wear it both in casual and formal occasions. Its brilliant eye catching colors give you a stylish and comfortable look. Color scheme of it allows to wear it with any top and shoes.

Rust free buckles and leather straps
Dress Gordon tartan kilt has two leather straps with three rust free buckles. Three dazzling metallic buckles allow to adjust your waist.

Pleats play an important role in any kilt. It adds extra room in the hip area to allow freedom of motion. Pleats in the kilt are sewn 2.5 inches deep to move freely.



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