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As much as leather jackets can completely frame a whole look, leather kilts can also make or break a look. This kind of kilt can make you go for an edgy and bold look but can also work out if you want to keep your overall look classy and subtle but want to make a statement as well. You can pay tribute to your Scottish heritage while staying in trend and style as well with leather kilts easily!

What is leather Kilt?

Kilts are a traditional Scottish wear which people wear sports, formal events or during highland games. Scottish people take great pride in this clothing item and wear it proudly as well. It is a symbol of honour for them. Kilts come in a variety of style and fashion, one such type of kilts is made up of pure leather and it is called a leather kilt.

How to choose best leather kilt?

Make sure that you choose a brand that is trustworthy and has gotten great reviews as well. Buy your leather kilt from somewhere you’ve already shopped from before or if you are new and buying a kilt for the very first time, then make sure that the leather that is mentioned in the description is pure and not fake.

How to wear a leather kilt?

You have to wear kilt by keeping it high on the waist and making sure that it falls between the knees. The best way to compliment your overall look by wearing a leather kilt would be to add the traditional shoes that are worn with a kilt. They are called Ghillie Brogues and they add a very subtle yet classy look to your leather kilt. Ghillies are a type of shoes that have an open top and very long laces that get wrapped around the ankle. If not this, then classic white sneakers have never hurt anybody! Leather kilts themselves come in very different ways, some are an alternate version to the classic tartan kilts or some are the modern version of kilts. Choose one that suits your style and body shape the best.

How to care leather kilt?

If the leather of your kilt is genuine then it requires some extra special care than your regular kilts. One wrong move and your leather kilt will be good for nothing. Firstly, put your kilt in a cotton garment bag in the closet rather than the regular plastic bag. The reason is that the cotton on the bag will allow the leather to breathe and don’t even think about missing this step as without a bag your leather will start to deteriorate and will lose its shine soon. Do not wash your leather; instead use a wax free moisturizer to keep it good.

Wear Leather kilt with Jacket:

What more would amplify your look than pairing your leather kilt with a jacket? Be it any jacket, this combination is absolutely lethal and nothing will make you look classier than this.

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