Measuring Guide For Kilt

If you want to buy the kilt online then must read this guide carefully. This will help you to measure kilt size properly.

It is necessary to measure the kilt before buying it. It is better to measure the size rather than buying the wrong size kilt and returning it which will waste your time. You should always remember that kilt size is different from you trouser and pants sizes. We will help you to measure your actual waist by guiding you in a proper way. There are three measurements by which you can measure your actual waist without any error.

  • Measure Your Hip Size
  • Measure Your Kilt Size
  • Measure Your Kilt Length

1.Measure Your Hip Size
Firstly, you have to measure your hip size because it looks nice with hips size fitting. Why it is necessary to measure your hips size? Reason behind this is that when we built your kilt, we should know that you have common hip size or not. If your hip cannot fit in your kilt then it would be agonizing and unbearable for you in public.

2. Measure Your Waist Size
Now you have to measure your waist size. Take a tape, whether in inches or centimeters and put in around your waist or where you want to fasten the kilt. Mostly kilt is fastened at the belly button but it is your choice where you want to fasten it. Measure the waist with normal breath and note the measurement on the page. Our kilts are little lose for better fitting. Kilt size is 2 to 4 inches more than your pants size commonly.People with large bellies want to wear the kilt at the naval, as it gives you admiring appearance.

3. Measure Your Kilt Drop Length
This is the last step of measuring your kilt length. Kilt drop length means how long your kilt should hang while standing straight. Kilt should hang till knee cap but it is not necessary, it’s depends totally on your choice. Starting measuring point should be that where you fasten your kilt to the point where you like to be. Average drop length for male and female is 24 and 20 inches respectively.