Scottish National Tartan Kilt


Scottish National Tartan Kilt

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Scottish National Tartan Kilt

Scottish national tartan kilt is famous tartan kilt in Scottish tradition. It is modern type of tartan kilt that gives you stylish and comfortable look. You can wear it both casual and formal events. It is specially designed for wedding ceremonies, birthday parties, Christmas, highland games etc. Whenever you want to buy a kilt some questions come in your mind about quality of tartan fabric, stitching way of tartan fabric, size availability and price. We will make custom kilt according to your size measurement in reasonable price with premium quality Scottish national tartan fabric.


  • Scottish national tartan fabric
  • Rust free buckles and leather straps
  • Fascinating and attractive tartan
  • Highly comfortable

Scottish national tartan kilt is made of acrylic wool but we can prepare 100% wool on customer demand.

Attractive design
Scottish national tartan kilt is an attractive kilt due to its sharp lining and color contrast. Scottish national tartan kilt features forest green and dark blue color and lined with white and red stripes. Adjacent red and white lines running horizontally and vertically make it appealing and delightful. Sporran of light yellow color is also attached with it. Sporran is made of leather and performs function as pocket.

Front side of the tartan kilt is simple and plain gives you a traditional look. Apron of the tartan kilt hangs straight when you wear it.

Rust free buckles and leather straps
Scottish national tartan kilt has one rust free buckle and leather strap on one side but we can also prepare tartan kilt with two rust free buckle and leather strap on both sides of it for better adjustment.

Pleats play an important role in any type of kilt. Pleats are sewn 2.5 inches deep to move freely. Pleats add extra room in the hip area to swing freely. Pleats not only add spaciousness but also add dimension as well.


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