Tartan Kilts

Men’s Tartan Kilts

Kilts are a traditional Scottish clothing item. By wearing it you can represent your Scottish heritage, in Scotland, it represents the group to which you belong and it has been worn for centuries in all parts of the world by Scottish people. The group can be a pipe band or even a military regiment. In our tartan collection, we have Black steward, Blackwatch, Buchanan, Cameron ancient, Campbell, Freedom, Gordon, Hamilton grey, Gunn tartan, MacGregor, Mackenzie, MacPherson, McDonald, Modern Gunn Tartan, Plain Black, Ramsay Blue, Rob Roy, Saffron, Scottish National, Macleod of Lewis, Tara Murphy, and Thompson Camel Tartan. You can expect your order in ten business days.

Tartan kilts for sale:

The kilts are made from acrylic wool but can also be made by using 100 percent wool, according to what the customer prefers. Tartan kilts for sale are available in a huge variety from Blackwatch, Cameron ancient, Ramsay Blue, Scottish National, Saffron, McDonald, Gordon, Hamilton Grey, Freedom and much more!

Tartan kilts for wedding :

Many groomsmen want to pay tribute to their Scottish heritage by wearing kilts to their wedding. By pairing it with a good tie and shirt, the groom can totally own his wedding! The most common, popular and stylish kilt among the many variety for weddings is the Prince Charlie Jacket outfit. This design in particular goes the best for weddings and also holds a history to it. The groom who wants to pay tribute to his heritage must go for this as the history adds the element too. The jacket has three buttons down on either side of the jacket and is longer at the back. The buttons are recognizable making the groom definitely stand out from the crowd.

Tartan kilts for babies:

For babies, every clothing material has to be soft so that it does not irritate the baby’s skin. Tartan kilts for babies are made with a soft rayon material making sure that the baby remains in style with the whole clan as well!

Family Tartan Kilts:

What better way would be to pay tribute to your Scottish background than wearing the traditional outfit together as a family? Some families have a specific tartan pattern for their generations.

Scottish tartan kilts:

Kilts became the traditional clothing item for Scottish men in the 16th century. This skirt type garment is still worn by many all around the world. Kilts are made up of wool with a tartan pattern on it. In the 19th century the Scottish tartan kilts gained much popularity and also became associated with the Gaelic cultures.

Scottish tartan kilts face masks:

During this pandemic, it is important to keep your safety first before your fashion. Luckily, you can now have your very own tartan kilts face masks to go with your outfits and stay true to your traditions as well!

What Tartan you should wear:

If you want to go with the traditions, then pick out the tartan that relates to your surname and if not a surname then connect a tartan to the district area where your forefathers lived. If you are not from a Scottish descent and want to wear a tartan to keep up with the fashion. Then you can wear non-clan tartans which include Highland Granite, Isle of Skye or Black Watch. All these tartans are worn universally.

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