Tartan Utility Kilts

Men’s Tartan Utility Kilts

Utility tartan kilt is specially designed for those men who want to wear tartan. These kilts are famous kilts in Scottish tradition. These kilts are made by acrylic wool but we can use 100% wool on customer’s demand. You can wear these kilts at their workplace because it is highly comfortable and durable. You can expect your order in 10 business days.
In our tartan collection, we have Black Stewart, Blackwatch, Buchanan, Cameron ancient, Campbell, Freedom, Gordon, Hamilton Grey, Gunn Tartan, MacGregor, Mackenzie, MacPherson, McDonald, Modern Gunn Tartan, Plain Black, Ramsay blue, Rob Roy, Saffron, Scottish National, MacLeod of Lewis, Tara Murphy and Thompson Camel Tartan.

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