Woodland Camouflage Utility Kilt

Woodland Camouflage Utility Kilt


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With kilts making their way into the fashion trends, woodland camouflage utility kilt is soon to make rounds soon on every platform too. We will be seeing people wearing them to not only to pay tribute to their Scottish heritage but on several occasions. So be prepared and order our woodland camouflage utility kilt now!

Woodland Camouflage Utility Kilt Features :

Unlike most kilts, the material that we have chosen is a thick fabric fashioning our unique camouflage design. There are two flap pockets at both the sides of the kilt and the back features one flap pocket and one without a flap. All the flap pockets on the kilt have decorative buttons on them. The unique thing about the kilts is that it has a side pocket for mobile alone and we know how much our customers secretly wanted this! Now no more looking for a space to keep your phone in, we have you covered!

Variety of Camouflage Kilt

Our army utility camouflage prints feature four types of unique prints. Those being, the classic British military camo print, the British military desert, Combat kilt and woodland camouflage. These prints add a unique touch to your already classy gothic camo kilt design but also allow you to honour your army and military too. The variety of prints that we offer for your camouflage kilt is not just unique but is attractive too. They are made for you to make a statement on whatever occasion you choose to wear it to!


The best thing about our site is that we offer customizable kilts according to your shape and size! We ask our customers to mention their waist size to get that perfect fit, but even if that doesn’t work then our kilts have been designed by making sure that the fastening belts are adjustable so that the kilt stays in place.  Along with that we ask our customers to mention their hip size, kilt length, buttons and hardware and fell measurement as well. If someone has decided to wear a kilt then he or she should wear it in full confidence with their tailor fit measurements.


Along with featuring four different types of prints for our woodland camo kilt. The design that we have come up with our kilts is one of a kind. For the front our kilts feature a plain body with decorative buttons which makes the overall look classy. With the correct waist size, the design will perfectly complement your body. It features buttons on the belt as well. Adjusting straps are important and we have made sure to add that by allowing it to add a subtle touch to your kilt as well


Pockets have been the number one necessity in every clothing item now, we have featured flap pockets on both of the sides of the kilt also and they also have buttons on them as well. Woodland camouflage utility kilt featuring pockets will be the highlight of your entire look making sure that you own up the room with your style!

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