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Argyle Kilt Jacket

$ 160
Argyle Kilt Jacket is crafted in the United Kingdom from the highest quality tweed, provides a dash of sophistication to any kilt ensemble. Suitable for both formal and semi-formal events. Make a statement by shopping now!

Black Argyle Kilt Jacket

$ 130
Black Argyle Kilt Jacket is  crafted from durable 19oz Barathea wool, this jacket features a modern design perfect for both formal and casual occasions. Available in various sizes, it's the ultimate addition to your wardrobe. Shop now!

black fur dress sporran.

$ 62
Our sophisticated Black Fur Dress Sporran will accentuate your traditional Scottish clothing. Featuring rich black fur and complex Celtic motifs, this sporran accentuates any kilt ensemble. Perfect for ball games, weddings, and other unique events.

Black Leather Celtic Embossed Sporran

$ 37
Enhance your kilt ensemble with this black leather Celtic embossed sporran, featuring intricate detailing and tassels for a touch of tradition and style.

Black Leather Day Sporran with Celtic Knotwork

$ 135
Black Leather Day Sporran, with its gorgeous Celtic knotwork, is the ideal fusion of heritage and modernity. This genuine leather sporran is handcrafted and perfect for daily wear. Crafted by talented craftspeople in Edinburgh, each piece exhibits excellent craftsmanship. This sporran is ideal for combining with tweed or a straightforward Jacobite shirt and kilt. It gives flair and functionality to any ensemble.


$ 220
With its eye-catching Chrome Celtic Cantle, our Black Calfskin Cross Tassels Sporran will add flair to your traditional outfit.This semi-dress sporran, which is made of premium calfskin leather, is ideal for both formal and informal settings. It is sure to be the talk of the party at your next gathering with its three cross tassels and beautiful Celtic motifs.This sporran is a stylish yet functional piece of apparel that has enough of room for your necessities.

brown embossed belt kilt-

$ 50
Add a touch of elegance to your kilt with our brown embossed kilt belt. Featuring intricate detailing and a rich, warm hue, this belt not only secures your kilt but also enhances its overall look. Perfect for both traditional and contemporary styles, it's a versatile accessory that adds a distinctive flair to your outfit.

Celtic Knot Belt Buckle

$ 18
Embrace your heritage and make a bold statement with this beautifully crafted Celtic Knot Belt Buckle. Perfect for anyone looking to enhance their kilt outfit with a piece of traditional Scottish craftsmanship.

Celtic Knot Kilt Pin

$ 30
Enhance your kilt with our Handcrafted Celtic Knot Kilt Pin. Available in polished and black chrome finishes, this 3-inch pin adds style and weight to your kilt, making it perfect for any occasion. Comes in a premium presentation box.

Charcoal Grey Argyle Kilt Jacket and Waist

$ 250
Charcoal Grey Argyle Kilt Jacket and Waistcoat. This outfit, which is made entirely of new wool, promises to be authentic, stylish, and comfortable. It brings a hint of traditional Scottish flair to any occasion and is ideal for both formal daytime attire and evening gatherings.

Clan Crest Sword Kilt Pin

$ 33
Enhance your kilt with our Authentic Clan Crest Sword Kilt Pin, available in over 120 clan crests. Made in Scotland with a classic sword design and Celtic detailing, it features a non-tarnish, non-scratch finish in chrome or antique options. Show your clan allegiance proudly.

Classic Black Bow Tie

$ 29
Introducing our Classic Black Silk Bow Tie, the ultimate finishing touch for your wedding tuxedo. Crafted from luxurious silk, this bow tie offers a substantial feel and exudes a masculine, strong appearance. Perfect for weddings, black-tie events, and any formal occasion, this bow tie combines timeless elegance with robust durability to elevate your look with style and confidence.